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About Pat Your Pet

We are a family of pet owners passionate about our furry friends. Falling in love with a pet is easy, but it’s also a great responsibility. We like no one else understand all the challenges pet owners may face on the way to a healthy, well-groomed and happy pet. Our customers are happy owners of a joyful dogs, tender cats, graceful horses, fluffy rabbits and even playful goats! Our ultimate goal is to make all pet owners' life a little bit easier with the help of our pet care and grooming tools. We are using our own products every day in the struggle to win the same battle against pet hair, so we are happy to be a part of our growing customer's community.

Something we are proud of

  • In 2018 together with Coco’s Cupboard and Healing4Heroes, we joined the initiative of training sessions for military veterans with newly matched rescue dogs.

    Helping veterans heal the unseen wounds

  • We are proud to support DockDogs World Championship that welcomes hundreds of dock-diving teams which are showing their high skills in running, jumping and swimming in the fight for the highest score.

    Let your dog splash out!

Our products

Here at Pat Your Pet we put our heart and soul (as well as our knowledge and deep understanding of our clients' needs) into creating effective and at the same time gentle solutions to aid our customers' regular grooming routine. We are very proud that all our efforts and hard work are highly appreciated by pet owners and their four-legged friends! Starting from 2015 when we launched our first product, we are pleased to have more than 9000 honest, verified by Amazon product reviews with an average of 4.5 stars rating as well as more than 4000 seller feedbacks with an exceptional 4.9 stars average. In addition to the highest marks from our dear customers, we have multiple awards and references from Amazon, various catalogs, TV channels as well as YouTube bloggers and grooming experts.

Some of our awards

  • Award 1

    Our products have numerous Amazon's Choice badges

  • Amazon's Choice Award

    Amazon flagged our top products more than 20 times in 2018

  • Amazon Best Seller Award

    Featured among "Best Dog Brushes" on Business Insider

  • BestReviews Award

    Best Pet Grooming Gloves Award by BestReviews

  • Top Products Award

    Included in Top 10 Best Pet Grooming Gloves in 2019

  • Top Products Award

    Best Dog Dematting Tool 2019 by The PetsMaster